Honorius (Emperor)

HONORIUS, Flavius, Emperor of Rome, born at Constantinople, Sept. 9, 384; died Aug. 20, 423. He was a son of Theodosius the Great, who divided the empire between his two sons. Honorius received the western part, which included Italy, Africa, Gaul, Spain, Brittany, and Illyria, and his brother Arcadius received the eastern part. He began to reign in the 11th year of his age under the regency of Stilicho, who was a vigorous and successful ruler, but was killed at Ravenna in 408. The emperor was weak and indolent and in 420 became associated with Constantius as emperor, the latter having succeeded Stilicho. The events of his reign includes the loss of Brittany, the Gothic and German invasion of Gaul, the siege and capture of Rome by Alaric, and the loss of Africa to Heraclian.

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