Valens (Roman Emperor)

VALENS, Flavius Julius -- born 328 – slain near Adrianople, Aug. 9, 378 A. D. His brother, Valentinian I., proclaimed him Emperor of the East, in 364, and he received as his share of the Roman dominions all of Thrace, Egypt, and Asia. He began reforms in the empire by greatly reducing taxation, but a lack of prudence caused a number of revolts which were aided by the Goths under Athanaric. A peace was concluded in 370 and, when the Huns drove the Goths southward, in 377, the latter were permitted to settle in Moesia, which was a part of the Roman territory. Subsequently the Romans imposed burdensome taxes upon the Goths, which caused a revolt and a decisive battle between Valens and the Goths near Adrianople. The Roman army was cut entirely to pieces and Valens was slain. This defeat marked the beginning of the end of the The Roman Empire.

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